Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Eve Story

You can go back to THIS POST to read about our Christmas Eve book tradition. Clicking there will actually link you to all of Jonah's Christmas Eve nights.

Our little book tradition has had some interesting moments over the last four years but 2009 takes the cake. I wrote about it in a post on Christmas Eve night. Here is part of what I wrote.

One of our traditions is to buy a children's Christmas book to give to Dan on Christmas eve for him to open and read to our child. We started this before Jonah and it has been a fun tradition since. This year, I only read the cover of the book when I got it. I neglected to open it and look at. Dan opens it (2 hours after Jonah's normal bedtime) to read him the quick story and the book was a novel! Seriously, the pages were full of text from top to bottom. It would take a couple of hours to read that. I had to go dig a book out from his first Christmas that the Hibbs' gave him instead.

The look on Dan's face is priceless. He looked up at me like I had lost my mind when he saw the number or words on that page. I fell over laughing! Literally! Keep looking at pictures. You'll see me laughing still when Jonah had the camera.

As you can see, he enjoys taking pictures of himself. The kiddo loves the camera...regardless of what side he is on. Anyway, I went the Christmas Book bin and pulled this one out instead. Jimmy and Cathy Hibbs gave it to Jonah for his first Christmas. They personalized it for him and got to choose 3 friends to be included. They chose Max, Noah and Aunt Sue.

Even though things did not go as planned and my book was a flop, the night was still perfect. We treasure every holiday and event we have with this little guy. I remember many Christmas Eve's that I longed to play Santa and do special things with a child of my own. Here I am and I love every minute!

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