Monday, November 9, 2009

What kind of ice cream?

Last week, I picked Jonah up from school and headed to the mall in Sanford. I had a few things to return and knew he would enjoy the indoor playground there. It was quickly evident that some of the kids there were not disciplined the same way Jonah is. There were a couple of boys who appeared to be a few months older than him that were very, very mean to the other children. I watched this with sadness because their moms did nothing to stop this. Then, right before my very eyes, my little boy was treated unfairly by them and had some ugly things said to him!

My mama bear/mother hen blood started boiling. This was the first real experience I had of a child treating MY baby inappropriately. He looked at me with sadness then the tears started to flow. He was heartbroken and so was I. I redirected his attention to something else and then it happened again. The same boys pushed him off of car he has playing on and told him he didn't have any friends because he was ugly. Well, by this point, my blood was boiling at the apathy from the mothers of those boys that I just got Jonah out of there. I explained to him that those boys did and said ugly things and talked to him about how that made him feel. I tried to help him understand how his actions could make someone else feel the way he did.

He did not want to leave but I knew things were only going to get worse if we stayed so I did what all good parenting books suggest...I bribed him!!! I said, "Jonah, let's go and if you come right now, I will get you a milkshake, which is ice cream." He loves ice cream but since we were leaving I needed something he could have in the car. I did not think he had ever had a milk shake before so I was explaining what it was. We strolled through the mall for a few minutes when he looked at me and said "Mommy, what color is witches ice cream?"

HA! When I said "which is ice cream," he thought I said WITCHES ice cream. He was all excited about trying that.


Sarah Carraway Armstrong said...

Welcome to the world of bullies!!

Cristi said...

A story that made you sad in the beginning and laugh at the end! :)

Avery's Mommy said...

UGHH you handled that well. I'm going to get arrested one day for popping a little kid that treats Avery like that. Hopefully i'll simmer down before we get there.

Hope Jonah enjoyed his witches ice cream! He deserved it!


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