Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Way back WHENsday

3 years ago this week (and lots of other times), Jonah got to hang out with our good friends Jason and Jada Walsworth. I chose this picture because I got to talk to her tonight and it made me happy to hear her voice. She and Jason were on staff when we arrived at FBC, Vidalia. We instantly became friends with them and have been so blessed by their influence on our lives.

We often talk about our days on staff at FBCV with Jason, Jada, Gary and Kristin. We all just clicked and it was one of the best staff situations I have ever been a part of. There were no pride issues, no "better than" mindsets and all the staff members knew what God had called them to do and just did it. It was so fun doing ministry like that. We all loved and supported each other and worked for one common goal. It really was a fabulous time.

I'm so grateful for friends like Jada! And, I'm so glad that we've gotten to be involved in each other's lives long after our days at FBCV ended.

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Avery's Mommy said...

Her and Jason are just too cute together. I think I saw her the other day at Children's Place. Never realized you guys were on staff together!


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