Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I am NEVER surprised. I always clue in and figure out the surprise and ruin it for everyone involved. Minus a gift from Josh & Amanda last year, I can't think of anything that has caught me off guard. Not parties, not gifts, not visitors. I can no longer say that. Sunday night, I walked into church and made my way down the aisle speaking to people and as I was talking to Ben Beck, I realized two very familiar faces were staring at me from the row in front of him. Our friends Reagan & Malinda were at church to surprise us. I was blown away! You have to read her blog for her pictures and account of the evening. It was fabulous!

The worst part of the whole thing was as soon as I saw them, squealed and hugged them, it was time for church to start and we couldn't talk! Thankfully, our preacher wasn't so long winded that night and we got out a little early. We headed straight to dinner and the side-splitting laughter began.

She asked me at one point if I was really surprised they were there. I told her she would KNOW I was surprised when she got to my house and saw the mess it was in. We walked in the house and I'm pretty sure she believed me then.

While Jonah was sad that Sara Madalin was not with them, he quickly capitalized on the fact that he was the only child in sight and that surely they must want to put puzzles together with him and play games with him.

Being the mean mommy that I am, I had to break the news to him that it was time for bedtime. He handled that so well, as you can see.
After he was in bed, we broke out the Wii fit and the laughter ensued. OH MY GOODNESS! There is nothing like the Wii to bring uncontrollable laughter. One of us (ahem...the one who deals drugs for a living) can not hula hoop to save his soul. I rank that as one the top 10 funniest moments of my entire life.

My favorite part of this being my blog is that there are no pictures of me one the Wii...only them! We are so blessed to have these two in our lives. We had no idea what God had in store for our lives when we got to Harmony Baptist Church in 1998 but I'm so glad his plans included making us friends with them!

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Malinda said...

Look at that form - perfection. And your house was not messy.


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