Monday, November 2, 2009

Jonah's room

My favorite room at our house in LA was Jonah's room. I think it was due to the color. It was so cheery and so evidently a room that belonged to a little boy. I was always happy when I walked in. His room here makes me sad. I walk in and just get this UGH feeling. It isn't bright or cheery. The walls are the same color as the rest of the house. I really want to paint but that is not my giftedness and I hate to ask Dan to spend his few hours of rest doing that. So, I have just lived with it.

Saturday, we were cleaning in preparation for Darryl and Denise arriving and I couldn't take it anymore. I pulled furniture out from the wall and got busy rearranging. Dan walked in and acted as if I had lost my mind. He knew how much we had to do and rearranging furniture was not part of that. But, being the great man he is, he jumped right in to help me. I've talked about Jonah's room so much that he probably thought that might shut me up.

I still want to paint but the arrangement is now so much better. I framed some of his artwork and hung it. I still need something over his bed and need to move a few pictures that were hung to work with the old arrangement. But, it works so much better now. I was so excited to call Jonah back and show him. I kept him out because I wanted it to be a surprise.

He walked in the room, gasped then burst into tears. He wanted his bed back against the wall it was on and wanted everything else put "back where it goes." It was not a pretty picture.

Seriously, he cried and cried and kept pointing to the wall that his bed used to be on. I could not believe what brought me joy caused him misery. Dan came to the rescue and pointed out how much floor space he had now for playing. It is actually the same amount but in a different place. He seemed to buy that. Way to go Dan!
After some fun play time on the floor, he decided he was okay with the new arrangement and hasn't mentioned it since. So much for surprises!

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Katie (and Tony) said...

how do you feel about a pretty green walls to go with the comforter on his bed? When (not if) i come over we can look at paint and how to spruce up his room to make you cheerful and him not tearful ;-)
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