Monday, November 16, 2009

GiGi is here!

I picked Jonah up from school last Thursday and we headed to Orlando International Airport to get GiGi...Dan's mom. She flew in from Jackson, MS and we could hardly wait to see her. She was our first family visitor to come spend some time with us.
We got to the airport early so we had some time to kill. After snagging a couple of GREAT deals at the LUSH store, Jonah and I walked around the airport to see all the fun things we usually rush by when we are traveling.

Jonah looks like he was about to be frisked in that picture. He stood at that window and kept calling GiGi's name. It was pretty sweet. When she finally walked through, she never saw us. She wasn't expecting us to be upstairs waiting on her.

Stay tuned for more of our fun adventures with GiGi. We went to the fair, Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Daytona Beach. We had a FUN but FULL visit with her!

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