Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bedtime conversations

Dan put Jonah to bed tonight while I talked to David and Linda in the kitchen. I was missing a little snuggle time with my baby boy so I went into his room to just lay beside him for a while. He sang a few songs for me then told me that Jesus' daddy was Joseph. I asked who Jesus' mommy was and he told me Mary. He then informed me that is "what Christmas is." I was so proud of him for knowing that so I decided to dig a little deeper. He then informed me that Mary was a princess who lived in the castle at Disney World.

I could barely contain my laughter so I told him goodnight then jumped up to come in the living room to tell Dan and his daddy. After we all laughed, I decided to go back in there since I left so quickly. We sang a few more songs together then he said "Mommy, did you know Jesus went to heaven after the cross?" I told him that I did know that but asked how he got there. Jonah very confidently said "through the sky...on Aladdin's magic carpet with Jasmine!"

Can we say he is definitely a preacher's kid who lives too close to Disney World?

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Barb said...

Oh my word! That is too funny!


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