Wednesday, November 25, 2009

An afternoon of ART

Jonah and I spent yesterday afternoon doing art projects. We drew, we colored, we painted, we we used markers, we made a turkey and overall, just had fun. Jonah loves art projects and doing anything with his hands. If we could devote an entire day to sitting at the table doing projects, he would be all about that.

Some of the things we saved from his birthday were ColorWonder projects from Crayola. If you are a mom and don't know about ColorWonder, you need to check it out. MESS FREE ART! What could be better? He had two different packages from his birthday. One was finger paint and one was paintbrushes. We used both and he loved them.

In case you can't tell, he is working on a peacock. The body was made with his hand in the shape of a fist then I painted the blue on it and he put it on paper. He painted all the feathers himself. It may not be the best peacock you have ever seen but the little boy who made it sure had fun.

We made a Thanksgiving turkey where the feathers all listed something he was thankful for. I let him choose what each feather said. He had some interesting answers.

Days like this remind me how blessed I am to stay home with my little guy. Our days are full of fun, laughter, art projects, giggles, sword fights, cuddle sessions and thanks to God for this opportunity to be mommy all day long.

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