Monday, November 2, 2009

An afternoon at EPCOT

We picked Jonah up from his Harvest party at school last Friday and headed south to Orlando. Jonah had not been to Epcot since we moved here so we thought that would be a fun activity. Dan is so busy during the week and misses lots of dinners and play time with Jonah so we try to make the most of family time on his day off. Living so close to Orlando makes it pretty easy to get out of town and do some fun things.

Since we went straight from the party at school, Jonah's face was pretty nasty. The tram pulled up just as we did so we jumped on then proceeded to clean his face. He was not overly thrilled with that idea.

Since he is so obsessed with the characters at this age, we usually stop to see them if there isn't a line. On that day, the line to see the main characters was less than 10 minutes. That is almost unheard of!! We jumped in line and Jonah spotted the TV playing classic cartoons on the wall. From that point forward, he did not communicate at all during the wait. The following two pictures will explain to you why his TV viewing is very limited at home.

He stayed like that the entire wait and would not even acknowledge we were speaking to him. Then, he spotted Mickey when we were next in line.

We left there so we could "go ride something" but then spotted Chip and Dale. There only two or three families in that line so we decided to meet them also. I looked down and Jonah and this is what he was doing. Is this kid a Brewer or what?? Dan said his mom pulled out maps everywhere they went and talked through how to use them. I think he will fit in just fine in that family!!!

The man doing crowd control for the line whispered for one of us to take Jonah by the hand and the other to hold our spot in line. They walked away then came back a few minutes later with Jonah grinning from ear to ear. The man showed him where to get acorns to give Chip and Dale when he met them.

We left the chipmunks and headed over to The Seas for the Nemo ride and to see all the fish. That is a very cool and relaxing building but the Nemo jokes get a little old. Everyone in there thinks they are an original when they yell out "I found NEMO!"
The next picture is blurry but so funny to me. They were standing next to a shark and I told them to look scared. It took five shots for Jonah's "scared" face not be a smile.

We than began our tour around the countries in order to end up near the beginning of the circle for the fireworks at 9:00 p.m. We started in Mexico. We finally found a hat that would fit Jonah's head.
He got to do his first activity at the KidCot stations. He made a mask. He got to decorate it how he wanted then take it to each country for a stamp. We spotted Donald outside of Mexico and had NO wait. Can you tell the crowds were really low on this day?

Then, in honor of Matthew, we stopped and played the drums for a little bit. Matthew was always so sweet to Jonah at FBCV to let him play his drums and teach him what to do. You would have been proud Matthew, he picked right up where he left off a couple of months ago!

We were waiting in line to see Snow White when Jonah turned into a mean little three year old boy. So, Dan took him over to the bridge to have a little chat about his behavior. Lets just say we didn't have any more behavior issues the rest of the day.

We got back into the line behind one family and then got to see Snow White. He doesn't really know much about her but she was amazing! We could not believe how "in character" she was. The things she said to him were just precious. Adults were standing around just watching her and listening to her "be Snow White."

Dan waited in line for some dinner while Jonah and I watched the ducks. He was most impressed with those little things.
As we made our way through the countries, we spotted Aladdin and Jasmine. He LOVES Aladdin and I knew he would freak. The line was a little long compared to the other lines (fifteen minute wait) but we passed the time by teaching Jonah to do the Hokey Pokey. Quite hilarious, if I do say so myself! We never told him what we were waiting in line for. Looking back, I don't think he knew we were in a line. He thought we were just dancing. Then, when it was our turn and he looked up and saw them, he was thrilled! It was so sweet. As we were getting ready to leave, Jasmine told him she had a big secret for him but needed to whisper it in his ear. What she really had was a kiss!!!

I know there are people that occupy their time with so many things and people. My favorite way to occupy my time is with these two guys. We have so much fun together and so enjoy the adventures we have in our life. Whether we are sitting by the fountain at EPCOT taking pictures of ourselves or sitting at home playing a board game, we love doing life together.

We passed the hat shop and decided to let Jonah try a few on. They were all adult hats and fit his big head perfectly. He thought it was hysterical.

And, at the end of the day, he decided "NO MORE PICTURES!!"

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Katie (and Tony) said...

LOVE them all! especially the sombraro (sp?)...hilarious!


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