Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Way back WHENsday

In honor of Halloween this weekend, I decided to revisit the three previous Halloween days since Jonah has been with us. It wasn't until doing this that I realized he has had two costumes every year. I don't think that was ever intentional, it just worked out that way. So, if you are new to our blog or haven't known our family very long, sit back and enjoy these pictures. Also, this post is FULL of links that will take you the actual post from that year. Feel free to click on any of those links to go back and read the full post from that event. It took me a while do add all of these so PLEASE read them. ha!

2006- Jonah was 3 months old and Trunk or Treat TOTALLY slipped up on me. I have always been very into our theme for that event but with a newborn, I just was not on my game. Jonah's costume was ordered and ready to go but I had nothing for us. SO, at the last minute, I threw together the Black-eyed peas costume for Dan and I so our family could reflect the "Pea theme."

The day before Halloween, we received a package in the mail from David and Linda with this cute little pumpkin costume. I hated for him not to wear it so we dressed him up for pictures and took him to visit some neighbors in that costume.

2007- I was totally back on my game and got into our theme for Trunk or Treat that year. Our costumes rocked! It was one of my favorite years except for the extreme heat of those things!

Jonah's costume was WAY too cumbersome for preschool, so he wore a cute little skunk costume we found at The Children's Place the day before. You can actually go back to this post to see a video of him wearing the costume. He was such a baby but it was so stinking (pun totally intended) cute!
2008- I ordered our costumes for Trunk or Treat early in the summer when Pottery Barn released the catalog with costumes. I saw what I wanted for Jonah and did not want to miss out on it. I did not realize at that time that ToT would be cancelled last year due to a home football game the same night. That costume was WAY too difficult to send him to school in so I searched online for something he could easily wear to preschool and found this.
YEP, my baby boy was the UPS man! He got the hugest grins every place we went. It was perfect. That was a super fun costume!!
The costume I bought from Pottery Barn that could not be returned that late was this...a hotdog!
Yes, my child and my dog were both hotdogs. Had ToT actually happened, Dan and I were going to be Ketchup and Mustard. Cute huh? Max, was completely unimpressed. We only took him to a couple of houses then allowed him to chill in his crate while we took Jonah Trick or Treating.


Barb said...

Too funny! I think my favorite is the UPS costume. I can't wait to see what you come up with this year (other than Peter Pan, of course). :)

Anonymous said...

And what original costumes can you come up with for y'all this year. Maybe Peter Pan's parents? Or possibly a photographer. Huh, I think that those already been used. Gotta go with something new. But where to find a costume? Just don't T&D. Ha Ha.

Penny said...

Sooo cute! My cousin dressed his little girl up as a fed ex deliverer just to deliver a Valentine's card to his wife. Too cute! =)


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