Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tears and Pixie Dust

I picked Jonah up from school at noon last Tuesday and headed to the Magic Kingdom to meet Reagan, Malinda and Sara Madalin. We had tickets to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party for later that night but decided to head on over and enjoy the entire afternoon with them. Dan worked and then met us there for the party. This was my first time to visit Disney with just me and Jonah.

As soon as we entered the gates, we headed straight towards the barber shop on Main Street. This just happens to be where Jonah got his very first hair cut at 9 months old. I made an emergency stop there because Jonah's hair was out of control. I went in to ask if I could use a water bottle. The lady asked if he wanted pixie dust too and I said yes before thinking.

VERY BAD DECISION! He was horrified! His head dropped and the tears began to flow. He kept saying "I don't want pixie dust, I don't want pixie dust!" The problem was the pixie dust was mixed in with gel and it stuck to his head. So, there was no easy way to get it out. We saw Pluto and I thought that might distract him so we got in line to meet him. He was sad the whole time. His little lip quivered as he would tell me he didn't want that pixie dust in his hair.

He turned on the charm long enough to meet and hug Pluto. I was able to get these really cute pictures that show no signs of the misery inside that little body.

Fortunately, after we met Pluto, I found a place to get him out of his stroller and brush all that stuff out of his hair. It went flying everywhere!!! From that moment on, it was a great day for my little guy! The video below was taken while we were waiting to see Pluto.

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Malinda said...

He's so cute. Even with a little Pixie dust in his hair.


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