Thursday, October 15, 2009

Saturday at Daytona Beach

Lovely face huh? Jonah was less than thrilled to be in the Chickfila drive-thru because he wanted to be at the "ocean with the beach with the waves with the sand." We tried to explain to him how hungry he would get if he didn't put some food in his belly first. He did not care. Fortunately, they day got better from this point forward!
Our little boy is an official beach bum. I was blown away to watch him step out of our car, onto the sand and never look back. He ran with no fear right towards the water. The waves barely caused him to pause. We ran, jumped, swam, giggled, played in the sand, sang songs, laughed and spent the day making memories.

This was Jonah's first real trip to the beach. He went back in August to just look at the water but he had never been in. It was so much fun to experience another "first" with him.

One of the best parts of the day was watching him run. He ran full speed and cackled as he did. He chased birds. He jumped over sand castles. He ran to the water. He ran from the waves. He ran to jump in daddy's arms. He ran to hide behind me when the birds chased him. He ran and ran and ran!


Kassi Randall said...

These are some beautiful pictures. Looks like ya'll had a blast. Cant wait to come visit! :)

Katie (and Tony) said...

Aren't beach pics the best? Be sure to put your sunscreen on at least 30 min before going out...
This is safety Sam with your helpful tip for the day ;-)


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