Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wednesday Night: Week 2

As you know, Dan and I rotating through the different ministries at Stetson on Wednesday nights. Our second week there found us in the 5-6 grade Young Musicians choir and then the Bible Study for that group. It was so interesting to be in a Young Musicians choir again. Dan and I both learned to sing in a Young Musicians choir. Well, "learned" may be stretching it a bit. Dan learned, I participated! It obviously took for him.

I abs0lutely love watching my husband do what God has called him to do. I'm amazed every time he steps into a new group and just "fits in" with what they are doing. He is so gifted with all age groups. This little Wednesday night rotation gives me the opportunity to watch him up close.

After our time with the older kids, we headed to the choir room. We were asked to bring Jonah by for a visit. As soon as he saw Kim, he took off running to her. I'm not sure who ran faster, him or Kim!
As it turned out, the choir had a gift for him and wanted him to open it in front of them. It was so very thoughtful of them and he loved it. He was actually a little overwhelmed and kind of shy. It was TOTALLY not him but kind of funny to see.

There are two videos below. One is of Dan singing with the Young Musicians Choir and then Jonah with the adult choir.

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