Monday, September 28, 2009

A very helpful crew!

The Friday after out things arrived, we had a huge crew of people show up to help us do whatever was needed. Dan was off work that day and several men from the church came armed with toolboxes and box cutters. They took care of all of the outside work from putting patio furniture together to installing Max's doggie door. A couple of them even came inside and opened every box (which is time consuming when you consider how much tape the packers used) and put our new vacuum cleaner together. They were a HUGE help.

While they were outside working away, I had a few more helpers inside. Before the day was over, they had basically removed everything from boxes and gotten all of hte boxes and wrapping paper out of the house. At one point, I heard someone in the back say "they have a lot of pictures!" Ha! We sure do!

The annual Women's Retreat for Stetson Baptist Church just so happened to fall on the weekend we arrived in town. I really wanted to be part of that but knew there was no way I could commit to the whole weekend since we had just arrived in town. So, I headed over there Friday night for the evening sessions. While I was gone, Dan and Jonah went to the DeLand High School football game.

Dan was so excited about going to the DHS games once we got here because they have an incredible band and a pretty good football team. He never planned to go to the first game but we heard through the grapevine the night before that Jerry Gill was being inducted into the Hall of Fame. Jerry was the Chairman of the Pastor Search Committee that brought us to DeLand and wins the award of sending the most emails to us of anyone else we know! :-) Those months of communicating back and forth between April and our move here in September made us glad that the government hasn't taxed email usage! Some days had us sending and receiving 20+ emails with Jerry.

I'm so proud of Dan for taking my camera and capturing these pictures. I hated to miss the night with them but so glad to see pieces of their evening. Jonah ended up sitting with McKenzie and Mrs. Roxane. Apparently, Mrs. Roxanne won a fan pretty quickly because she took him to the concession stand! The kid LOVES a snack!

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