Monday, September 14, 2009

Thursday of the Move

Jonah was quite impressed with the "big orange truck" that was used to hold all of our "stuffs!" He wanted to hang out on the truck with the workers but we kept bringing him back to the house. He was not thrilled with this plan.
If you have ever used a moving company, then you know they do not take live plants, animals, cleaning supplies or anything flammable. We had to set all of those things to the side so we could pack them in our cars. I gave all but two of my plants away because I did not have room for them. I only kept Gertrude, who was given to us by the Nunn's when we moved to Vidalia and my beautiful corn plant I got when my dad died. The corn plant is my baby because I have nurtured it and cared for it since my dad's funeral in January of 2006. I took serious care of this massive plant. When we got ready to put it in my car, it would not fit. I was devastated! Seriously, I almost cried!

Dan said we should just chop the top off so it would fit but I didn't want to do that. If I couldn't take it like it was, I wanted to give it away to someone who would care for it. So, I called Belinda to see if she and MeMaw would take it. Fortunately, she agreed to keep it for me and take care of it. I know it sounds silly to be emotional over a plant but that one represents something to me.
Jonah was all smiles as the day began. He loved watching the movers do their thing. He really wanted to help but he was in their way over and over!
Beppa came down to check on the progress and spent some time with Max. She was the only one who was concerned with him during our move. She loves Max and would have kept him had we given her the opportunity! (Hope, there is your mention of Max!!)

After loving on Max, she moved on to Jonah. Cliff had chemo that day so we didn't get to tell him goodbye. That's probably for the better anyway. None of us like "goodbye!"
After Beppa left, we walked back to our bedroom to find them packing up our bed. Jonah did not take this well. "They are taking our bed, mommy. Make them stop. I need your bed mommy! Give it back mister!"
We let him help us get things ready to move out of the room so that made things better for him. After he "helped" them, we walked down to his room to tell it goodbye. I must admit, that made me a little teary. That room holds so many special memories with my little boy. I sat in the corner where his rocker used to be and he climbed up in my lap and let me rock him again. Only, this time we rocked on a toy box rather than a comfy rocker!

Jonah then walked from room to room checking everything out and telling all of his rooms "bye!" It was pretty sweet to watch. He is so animated and full of emotion!

In the midst of his goodbye tour, Randy and Jami Ainsworth stopped by. I hated telling her goodbye but know we will stay in touch over Facebook and our blogs. She has been a good friend to me and so supportive of our ministry and our family.

I finally decided at 11:00 to leave town. Jonah was getting restless with nothing to do and was in the way of the movers more than he was out of their way. So, we loaded up my van, said goodbye to Dan and headed out of town. We had one last stop to make before settling in to the trip. We had to see our Docka Russ!
If you are a reader of our blog, you know how much we love her! She sent me text to ask us to stop by because she had all of our records copied and a gift for us. Is this not a precious picture?
We drove to Baton Rouge and stopped for a late lunch at Chickfila. Jonah made a new friend "Miss McKenzie" there and did not want to leave. They had a blast together and he got to run off some energy!

We got in the car and headed towards Fairhope, AL to spend the night at Dan's dad's house. We were trucking along when Jonah got bored and started asking to stop. Not long after that, I glanced over at the Gulfport outlet mall and spotted this playground. I really wanted to keep going but knew he needed a break. So, I drove five miles further then felt guilty and turned around!

We even went into the Disney outlet and let him pick out his very own "special surprise!"


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