Wednesday, September 23, 2009

School, new house, demo and sleep

Last Tuesday was a very busy day around our house. We were up early that morning so Jonah could be ready to start his new school. We were so concerned how he would do there. He has been at Jefferson Street for the past two years and I was sure he would expect to go there even though we talked about his "new school" all the time.

We stood out front to take some pictures but then I remembered this first day of school was nothing like his previous first days of school. There were no steps for the annual picture and his cutesy backpack was somewhere in a moving truck and his new outfit for the first day of school was never purchased. Yep, you can officially call me unprepared! This move really is taking a toll on Mrs. Organization!!!

We walked in to find his teacher, Mrs. Nancy waiting on him. She already had his cubby and hook labeled with his name. All of the kids were waiting to meet him. They started school back in August so they had all been together for several weeks before Jonah arrived. She did a great job of prepping them to meet their new friend!

And, as if she knew me so well, Mrs. Nancy asked if she could keep my camera so she could take some pictures of Jonah throughout the morning. Um...YEAH!!!!

We got there to pick him up and he was happy as a lark. (Although, I'm not sure what a lark is! I've just always heard that statement!) He had a great day and no tears. I wish I could say the same for his mommy. I left him that morning and cried all the way to my car and then back to our house. I think it was less about him and more about the emotion of this whole experience. I felt a little guilty for "interrupting" his whole world. And, I have always (well, as in 2 years) been the mom who helped the teachers at his school and had cute little gifts for them when school started and all of the sudden, I didn't even have a backpack for my child with his school supplies inside. I felt like a serious slacker! It didn't help that right before I got ready to leave, he looked at me with a quivering lip and said "What happened to all my friends from my school?" (insert dagger to my heart!) Then he said "Mommy, if you want to stay and play with me, you can! I will tell Mrs. Nancy!" Yep, I'm pretty sure that is what started the tears! :-)

We left school and headed to our new house. It was Jonah's first time to see it on this trip. You can scroll back through some older posts to see the video of him walking in. Soon after arriving home, it was time for Jonah to take a nap. We didn't have any of our things yet so I improvised with his nap mat from his Presbyterian Playschool days.
After he woke up from his nap, we went out to check the mail only to discover Jonah had more "SMAIL" than we did. He had so much fun opening his cards and "reading" them to me.

Soon after that, Brad Fender showed up to get started on our two projects. He was going to remove the built in section for the TV and take a large mirror out of the dining room. I had no idea how large of a project this was going to turn out to be. Jonah watched movies during the demolition!!

We were so blessed to have dinner brought in by Mr. Ken and Mrs. Garie. They remembered grilled salmon being Dan's favorite food and brought that. It was a fabulous "picnic" on the floor of our new kitchen. They even brought Jonah Burger King since they figured he would not eat the salmon!

When I left Jonah at school that morning, his teachers handed me this bag! What a cute idea for teachers. It was on the kitchen counter and I did not remember to take a picture of it until almost bedtime.

We put Jonah in his new room for bedtime in full expectation of him not liking that very much. We were wrong. He went right to sleep. Whew! That made life a little easier for us.
Like our polka dot wall? That is what it looked like after the floor to ceiling mirror came down.
Dan went it to check on Jonah before getting in the bed and called me to come in there. Apparently, Jonah was really tired because this did not bother him at all!


Avery's Mommy said...

Glad Jonah is adjusting so well. I think guilt is a symptom of being a mom!

Lori said...

Mrs Nancy is the best!!!!

Katie (and Tony) said...

I am so glad to know there is another Mrs. organization out there who feels guilty about the small stuff. BUT it is the small stuff that mean so much, isn't it? Not to worry, there will be plenty of time to make up for it. And Jonah will not remember not having his backpack. With the recent move and happenings, I can tell you first hand, you are building character and self esteem in Jonah thru this new experience. You are doing a fabulous job!


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