Monday, September 28, 2009

SBC Covenant Service

Last Sunday night was such a special time for our family and the Stetson family. From the first moment of the evening through the last hand shook at the reception, our hearts were filled with love, gratitude and expectation. The service started with our DOM giving a charge to the church. He did a great job and shared such pertinent information with all of us.

Reggie, the choir, the praise team and the orchestra OUTDID themselves during this service. They led us right to the throne of God and worship was just the natural thing that happened. Reggie and Kim have been at SBC for over 12 years. We have be blessed by their help and encouragement already. I'm excited about serving beside them for the years to come.
Jeff Dowdy, our student minister came to give a charge to Dan on behalf of the church. He formerly had hair but shaved it when our students met a certain attendance goal a few weeks ago. One of the special moments of the night came when Reggie publicly thanked Jeff for his service and commitment to this church over the past two years without a pastor. Those guys really stepped in and kept this church "upright" and deserve so much appreciation for that.

Jeff did a fabulous job sharing God's word and a challenge to Dan on behalf of the church. When Dan was first told about this service, he immediately requested all of the current staff be used rather than people from outside sources. I'm so glad he did after hearing Jeff's heart. He has such wisdom, passion for our God and love for this church and congregation. Dan really is fortunate to be serving alongside these guys.
Jeff asked the two of us to come forward and then called the church to pray for us. What a sweet, sweet time in God's presence that was.

After a time of prayer, Dan addressed the congregation. I was so proud of him and encouraged to hear what he had to say. He shared some of our journey to this point, responded to the journey of the past 2 years for this church and ended the evening with the excitement of Psalm 126:3. It was great!

After the service, we moved to the Family Life Center for a reception. Fortunately, Tracee had my camera for the whole evening and was able to capture some pictures for us. Between her and Byron, the whole evening was documented. Thanks guys!


rob h said...

Mmmm.....tasty Baptist reception food....I'm so jealous.

Choate Family said...

So many sweet faces that we know and love! We are continuing to pray for you as you adjust to this precious church.

Cristi said...

I am going to miss listening to Dans sermons on Sunday nights from my living room.

Katie (and Tony) said...

You get presents too?!


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