Friday, September 4, 2009

Oh, to be Jonah!

My little boy has had the time of his life that past two weeks. When Dan announced his resignation, the requests began pouring in of people wanting to spend some time with Jonah before we left. We have tried awfully hard to accommodate every person and their schedule. Jonah has made the rounds through this little town!

Sunday afternoon, John & Debbie Brocato and Hilda Graves picked him up for a fun evening. Fortunately, Debbie had her camera and I uploaded these from her SD Card when they returned. I was not with them so I can't document everything they did but I'll show you the pictures so you can get a good idea. I'm thinking he had a wonderful time, what about you??

Mrs. Hilda is a member of our church and one of our sweet Senior Adults. Debbie is her daughter. Debbie and John go to the Catholic church but have been followers of Jonah's blog since day 1. They too, had trouble starting their family and God blessed them with a precious miracle through adoption 20-25 years ago. We received a card in the mail from them the day she heard we were pregnant with Jonah. She attends most every special event we have at the church so Jonah has grown up knowing her. I'm glad he got to spend some time with some more people who love him so much!


Penny said...

This is turning into a long, hard good-bye for everybody, isn't it? :( Still, it has to be heartwarming to know how many people really love your family, especially that adorable 3 yr. old! =)
When do you leave?

K Storm said...

He looks like he has a great time wherever he goes!!


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