Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hanging with Halstroms

We were invited to the Halstrom's house for dinner last Thursday night. They told Jonah to bring his swimsuit and he was determined to do just that!! He marched right up to the door while holding his suit. He knocked on the door with great determination. He was ready to play and ready to swim!

If you live in this area, then you are well aware of the lizard infestation. I have NEVER seen this many lizards in all my 34 years combined. They are EVERY WHERE! Seriously, I am blown away by the massive amounts of lizards. Jonah is so intrigued by them. He stops and does this every time he sees one.

Dan was a little disturbed because one was stuck in the headrest of his chair. He grabbed it but tail came off. (What's up with that???)

Jonah finally got in the pool with Mrs. Beth and had a large time. He realized he had a whole audience watching him and began to put on a show after he warmed up to the pool!

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