Friday, September 25, 2009

Great Packing

It seems our unpacking days are just about over. The last of things that are hanging out in boxes or on the floor are just waiting for furniture to arrive. That furniture should be here tomorrow so hopefully, everything will have a place and be off the floor and the final boxes will be gone.

One of the reasons it has taken us a while is because of the extensive wrapping done. If you have never moved with a professional moving company, then you may not be aware of how they pack. Let me just tell you, they do not spare any expense when it comes to protecting your valuables.

Yes, that is a BIC pen. Yes, it was wrapped in 5-6 sheets of wrapping paper. Yes, everything we have was wrapped just like that. It was insane! The hardest part of this move was unwrapping every single item. Fortunately, I had a few GREAT helpers (like Kathy) to help me weed through all of the paper to find our actual belongings!


Barb said...

Oh my! That is hilarious!

Baylee's Mommy said...

I can just hear you laughing when you found that ink pen! TOO TOO funny!

Penny said...

The more they wrap the more you pay. haha

Jami Ainsworth said...

That's just insane.


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