Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fun with Stephanie Barker

A couple of weeks before we arrived in DeLand, I got an email from Stephanie Barker offering to keep Jonah on the day we closed on our house. Her husband, Bob is our realtor and they are both members of Stetson. I was so appreciative of the offer because I could not imagine sitting through a closing with a three year old.

That day began a wonderful friendship between my little boy "my Miss Stephanie!" Jonah adores Steph and runs to her with total abandon when he sees her. He jumps in her arms and puts his head on her shoulder and pats her arm like she is the best thing ever. He even chose her over his daddy Sunday night. THAT IS HUGE! Our prayer was that Jonah would find people he loved and people who loved him like in Vidalia. Those church members were so instrumental in the first three years of his life. I wanted him to feel love like that here. God is certainly answering that prayer and I'm so grateful.

Steph was kind enough to take pictures that day for me. Doesn't he look like he is having a blast?

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