Monday, September 21, 2009

Fun in Liberty

Jonah spent Thursday through Saturday of Labor Day weekend in Liberty, MS with the Johnson's. Mr. T and Mrs. Judy are such special friends from Dan's first church. They came to Vidalia many times just to hug on our sweet baby boy. They love him like he is theirs so they wanted some time to spend with him before we moved away. Mrs. Judy was kind enough to bring her camera back so I could upload the pictures she took.

I can't comment on these because I wasn't there. BUT, if you are like me, you can look at them and tell he had an absolute ball!! He still talks about that chicken and picking his eggs for meal. (Every meal, by the way!) He always chose one brown egg and one white egg. And, the black boots? Those are his "yard boots!" He and Mr. T took a trip up to the co-op to pick out some books for Jonah. He didn't take them off for the next three days after he got home.

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Jami Ainsworth said...

Yeah...there's something that they (little ones) love about boots! I keep a pair for Natalie to wear hear outside after it has rained. She loves them!


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