Saturday, September 19, 2009

Foley Playground

We took many opportunities on our way to DeLand to stop for Jonah to have some play time. We tried to make this trip as easy as possible on him. I think we accomplished that goal because he never cried about being in the car too long or asked to get out. SUCCESS! The outlet mall at Foley has a nice play area so we stopped there before heading back from our time with the Hargon's. I watched him play then I saw a little boy who looked familiar. Then I noticed his mommy who looked VERY familiar on the other side of the slide. I was so shocked to see Calley Reed and her boys there playing. It is always odd to see people out of place like that. I did a double take because I expected her to be in Vidalia, not Foley!
Jonah had a blast playing with her three boys, Josiah, Isaac and Emmaus. He was sad to see them leave because he "had to show them tricks!" And, just for all of you who know me well, you would be surprised to know I was at the outlet mall all that time and did not shop. Nope! I was all about my little boy on the playground!! Wow...times change!

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