Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fishing, Worms, Fish, Tractors, Food & Tears

We were invited to the Wood's home last Thursday for dinner and fishing. I accidentally forgot Jonah's Spiderman fishing pole that Papaw & NeNe gave him for his birthday. He was a little bummed about that but forgave me pretty quickly when he saw the "big ole pole" Mr. Frank let him use.
Jonah's job was to carry the worms from the back deck to the pier. He took his job very serious and would not even stop to pose for a picture while holding the worms.

With Mr. Frank's help, Jonah immediately caught a fish. He was quite proud of himself. He made sure to turn towards me to show me each time he caught one.

If you know Dan, you know he is not a fisherman. We lived in Vidalia 7 years and people begged him to fish with them. He always declined. He only fished one time with Cliff when they took Jonah to fish for the D.A.R.E. tournament last year. Well, Jonah told his daddy he wanted him to fish so guess what Dan did. He fished! Good dads will do most anything for their little guys!

See that fish? You'll never believe who caught it? YEP! My wrangler of a hubby brought that one in. Greg and Cliff, please tell me you are impressed! We took it to a taxidermist to have it stuffed for our wall. (Not really!)

A little story for you about God's providence. We spent MANY Thursday nights in Vidalia at Sue Wilson's house. Our favorite meal there was Fried Chicken and Mashed Potatoes. Well, when Mrs. Margie invited us to dinner, he message was something about "dinner at her house on THURSDAY night for FRIED CHICKEN AND MASHED POTATOES! It our minds, it was kind of confirmation from God that he took care of us in Vidalia and He isn't going to stop in DeLand. Well, we stopped at church Wednesday night to speak to Mrs. Margie in her car only to discover she drove the same car as Sue. Strange huh? Anyway, as we were out on the pier Thursday night, we talked to all of them about how we used to have the same meal at Sue's house on Thursday nights and how odd that was that we were kind of "repeating" that in DeLand.

We all talked about God's provision and how things sometimes work out like that as a reminder of God's faithfulness in our lives and how we can trust Him for happy things like fried chicken on Thursday nights. Well, we finished dinner and headed inside. On the way in, Mrs. Margie told Jonah she had a gift for him. We walked in to find this!
Yep, another little sign from God that even though we moved almost 1000 miles from Vidalia, there are things that will almost always remind us of our time there and people we love so much. Whether is be MeMaw's John Deere tractor or Zoo-Zoo's fried chicken, God is in the little details! He was faithful to us there and He will be faithful to us here.

And, just so you know, this little boy ate like a champ! He gobbled that food up and entertained us all while he did so.

The Pastor Search Committee was scheduled to be at our house at 8:00 that night to deliver all of the food from the pounding. So, we had to cut our visit a little short. Jonah cried his eyes out because he did not want to leave. I'm pretty sure that Mrs. Margie and Mr. Frank would have kept him if we had let them! :-)


Anonymous said...

Congrats to Jonah Bug for catching a fish. Mammy and Uncle Clare want to come to a fish fry at your house. We love you.

Anonymous said...

Jonah, I'm soooo proud of your mother for letting you touch a worm...good job mommie! You're a GREAT little fisherman. Maybe you can try eating some fish next - yummy. Miss you and love you little boo-boo,

Papaw said...

WAAAAAY TO GO DAN , now that wasn't so painful was it , it's good for the soul too. Yea ,I too am thankful for God's provisions , I can see him being on the bass masters classic trail soon !! GOD BLESS YOU ALL , give Jonah a hug for me =)


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