Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A weekend with the wife!

I love weekends with old friends. It is one of my favorite parts of life. Some people live the same place their entire life and have the same core group of friends most of that time. Not us, between the two of us, we have served 8 different churches and made countless friends in those places. You add college and seminary into the mix and we have lots of "old friends" all over this country!

We had so much fun with Reagan, Malinda and Sara Madalin Brown last weekend. You know they are real friends when you warn them ahead of time that you have been out of town and have not cleaned, cooked or been to the grocery store and they come any way. Yeah, they are those kinds of friends. We have loved each other, cried for each other, prayed for each other and supported each other over the years. And, for the first time, we got to see our two little kiddos enjoy each other.

Sara Madalin just turned a year old back in May. We really wanted to be at her birthday party but it was the day before we moved back into our sanctuary. Yeah, no way that was gonna happen. They were at Jonah's birthday party a few weeks ago but we didn't really get to visit. So, I was so happy about this weekend with them. Jonah looked like a giant next to her. He is my baby and seems like a baby until he was standing next to her.

We wanted at least one cute picture of the two of them together. You know, for their rehearsal dinner slide show! Neither of us have issues with an arranged marriage!! Jonah, on the other hand, was quite DONE with picture time. Nice face, huh?
See Malinda? Yeah, she loves that little girl? I mean, she prayed for her for 10 years. 10 long years of wondering what God's plan for their family would be. 10 years of getting hopes up only to have them crushed. 10 years of questions. Yeah, I'm pretty sure Sara Madalin was worth the wait. (thus their blog name... Can't you see how happy that little angel makes her momma?
Before leaving church, we snapped one picture of all of us together. We hope to frame this with their wedding picture that includes all the parents. Maybe we won't have aged much in 20 years but I am hopeful we will all be standing for that picture. It would be way more flattering.

We got home and the kids played with Jonah's tool set. Jonah was quite territorial and Sara Madalin did not care. She played with what she wanted and ignored his whining. It was great for him. I had to snap a picture of that sweet, delicate hand holding a wrench while wearing a dainty bracelet. How cute is that?

We all said our goodbyes then they headed home. I headed to the back for a nap. It is Sunday tradition, ya know? You'll notice Jonah crying in the next picture. Yeah, Dan lifted him up to have a picture taken with him and lifted him right into the light fixture. It hurt. Jonah cried. Dan felt awful. Malinda laughed. Like, really laughed. Not at my poor child but at Dan. The look on his face showed that he was convinced he had just whacked Jonah's head off in the ceiling fan. She is probably still laughing. We did a lot of that over the weekend!

Pardon my PJ's in the next picture. I told you it was nap time. Jonah and Sara Madalin gave hugs and off they went. Yeah, we love them!


Malinda said...

You are too funny. Yes, I'm laughing. Love ya'll.

{Louisiana.Bride} said...

She is so cute, she looks like a little doll!

Penny said...

Old friends are the dearest aren't they? Malinda seems so sweet! I love how Sara Madalin looks so much like her Daddy. They are a match made in Heaven. =)


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