Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pics from Daytona Speedway

Saturday morning, we headed to Daytona Beach so Jonah could see the beach for the first time. I can't believe he is three years old and has never seen the beach. That will be such a regular part of his life now that we are moving so close to the Atlantic Ocean. As we passed Daytona International Speedway, we decided to turn in just to see if there was a race car Jonah could see up close. Little did we know what was in store for him!

He was pretty intrigued with the "Walk of Champions" where all the Daytona winners had left their hand prints and footprints. Jonah checked to see if his hands or feet were as big. NOPE!

I think this is the track where Dale Earnhardt died. Like I said, I know NOTHING about NASCAR. I remember him dying in a crash when we were in Seminary. So, it had to happen between 1999-2001. This statue of him was a hot photo spot that day. Since everyone else had their picture taken there, we opted to do the same.

I'm sure you have all seen the videos from that day. We still watch them daily because they make our hearts smile. He was so happy watching those cars go round and round. He just giggled and shrieked with joy! So sweet. These pictures were taken in between the videos.

This could have been the only fun thing we did all week and Jonah would have been okay. He thought it was great. He still talks about those race cars and wants to go back. Oh dear! Any volunteers to take him?


Anonymous said...

Hey, ya'll forgot to take someone with you...that would be my husband, Dusty!! We are going to miss ya'll ---We will be praying for ya'll. Maybe we will come visit and go to see a NASCAR race at Daytona!! Love ya, D'Shay :) :) :)

destinmimi said...

Okay...you do not that the "beach" on the Atlantic does not in any way form or fashion compare with the beautiful white sand and crystal clear water in Destin, right? Promise me you will take that child to the "real" beach before he is grown.. please!!!

Kassi R. said...

You were correct. Dale Earnhardt died at Daytona 500. It was February of 2001..I think it was the 18th of February. He crashed in the last lap. I wish I could've been there for this. It's awesome, and I want to go one day!


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