Saturday, August 22, 2009

Lunch with Rob & Melanie

Last Friday, we had lunch with Rob and Melanie in Sanford, FL.  They actually live only two hours from us but we met for lunch 800 miles away in a town neither of us had ever been to.  Yep, that is the beauty of a good friend.  We talk, email, IM and Facebook all the time but hardly ever see each other.  Then, it just so happens that we vacation the same week in the same state only minutes from each other.  We love Rob and Melanie and always look forward to our times with them.

Unfortunately, Jonah's interaction with them on this trip revolved around our Iphones.  He was entranced with a new preschool learning game and would barely look up to talk to them.  Being wonderful like they are, they just met him where he was and played games with him.  That made him very happy. 

I attempted to take a picture of the three of them but my camera was giving me fits.  I haven't quite learned how to operate it so I sometimes end up with pictures like this next one.  Pictures with a red glow and some people looking at the camera and some not.  It has a random flash that pops up on occasion that leads the subject to think the photo has been taken.  It has something to do with red eye.  So, please disregard all photos with the red glow.  :-)

While we were in Don Pablos eating, a TERRIBLE storm came and we were stuck!  None of us had umbrellas but that didn't matter because they woudl not have made a difference after all.  It was raining so hard and the wind was awful.  We hung out together for a while then Dan braved the weather to get our car for us.  Jonah was tired and needed a nap.  We finally got in our car and waved goodbye to them through the rain.  Then, we noticed them going back inside.  They did not have a 3 year old that needed a nap so there was no reason for them to fight the flood. 


Rob H said...

Ah, Don Pablo's, a great "Mexican" restaurant.

You can always tell the difference between a Mexican restaurant and a "Mexican" restaurant because at a "Mexican" restaurant, you pay at the table. If it's a Mexican restaurant, you always pay at the counter.

Rob H said...

BOOO comment moderation.


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