Thursday, August 20, 2009

Flying out

Jonah has been on an airplane at least 8 or 9 times in his short life but this was the first time he REALLY got into it. He was so excited. We could have done nothing but take off and land and he would have thought this was a perfect vacation.

We stood in line to board the plane and Jonah made sure to wear his own backpack and push his stroller. He told us he was a big boy and he could do it! He even handed his boarding pass to the person taking them up.

Our flight to Orlando was only half full so we had our choice of seats. That made traveling with a 3 years old much easier. He loved picking his seat.

Our flight was completely uneventful and Jonah loved every minute. We fly out again today to head home. We haven't told him that yet because every five minutes he would ask when we were getting on that airplane. We are holding that information close right now. :-)

Our first place to eat in Florida on the night we arrived welcomed us with a huge mosaic that totally impressed Jonah. He could have stood there for hours! That didn't happen because mommy and daddy were hungry! :-)

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