Friday, August 28, 2009

Downtown Disney

We spent one day of our Vacation at Downtown Disney. At one point, Dan commented that Jonah would freak if he knew just how close we were to Mickey Mouse. We conveniently did not tell him. Even if he did find out, his disappointment would have disappeared soon after he realized where we were eating. T-REX!!! A little boy's dream!! Last year, Clare and Tammy gave Jonah "The Land Before Time" DVD for Christmas. He has been obsessed with Dinos since then. This place is like the Rainforest Cafe but with a Dinosaur theme. PERFECT for a little boy!

After we left our dining experience, we headed to Disney Quest. We didn't want to do a Disney Park because we hope to get Season Passes soon after moving to FL. So, we opted to do something different and INSIDE!!!
Look at my cute boys with their Pirate goggles on. Jonah got to fire cannons off of a rocket ship and thought he was a real pirate. He had a blast!

We then made our way through the five floors of Disney Quest. He touched most everything in that place. I'm telling you, the kids loves experiencing life. It is so fun to walk beside him and see things through his eyes.

It was a fun, fun, fun NO STRESS and completely relaxing day! Just what we needed!


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