Tuesday, July 7, 2009


One night last week, Dan called me to the kitchen and told me to bring my camera. I walked in and he said "show mommy what you do when you get in trouble." Apparently, in the midst of his dinner, he looked at Dan and said "You wanna see what I do when I'm in trouble?" Who knew he had a plan of action each time he is reprimanded?!?! Trust me though, this is EXACTLY what he does!!!! I guess he has been faking us out all this time!!! I thought that head tilt and those sad eyes were genuine sadness/repentance!



Penny said...

Too funny! Suckers!!! ;)

Katie (and Tony) said...

what a stinker!

destinmimi said...

That is hilarious! He is so cute!

Anonymous said...

I still believe it is genuine, true repentance and you will never make me think otherwise!!! Guess who?):

Calley said...

That is so cute! Man is he cute! :D


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