Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Swimming with Eli

Our church had a golf tournament Saturday so Jonah and I spent the morning at the pool. Sue came over because she wanted to see Jonah swim. I knew Josh was playing in that same tournament so I called Amanda to see if she and Eli wanted to come too. When Jonah heard me say we were going to swim, he ran to his room to put his swim suit on. He did great except for one little thing...he had them on backwards.

Before he stepped into the pool, I told him to turn his shorts around. He stripped down right there and turned them around. NO SHAME!

Eli likes the water but he most likes to stand on the steps and pat the water that splashed out of the pool. He was pretty taken with Jonah and watched him a lot but he mostly wanted to be in his mommy's arms if he wasn't standing on the side.

It was fun to play with them. Amanda has spent LOTS of time with our family at the pool in the past few summers. She is a little busy this summer but we were glad to be there at the same time at least once this year.

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Amanda said...

Next year will be even more fun!! :)


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