Monday, July 6, 2009

Rainy Day FUN!

My babysitter left to go to TN last Wednesday so we had to make alternate arrangements the last few days. Dan stayed home with Jonah Thursday and Friday so today was my turn. But, I could not stay home so he went to work with me. What an experience!!! I was exhausted after the first hour. My boss came in after 3.5 hours and encouraged me to spend the afternoon at home with Jonah. HA! This came after he gave Jonah all the chocolate he asked for. I'm guessing a nap may be out of the picture!!!

When we left for the office this morning, it was pouring rain so Jonah asked to take his umbrella with us. I let him take it but since we were parked under our carport, there was no need to use it. This made him very unhappy. I told him if it was still raining when we got home then he could use it. So, after a pizza lunch date with my favorite boy, we arrived home to play in the rain.

You should know that Max does like to get his feet wet. Some time ago, he forgot he was a dog and refuses to go outside when it is wet. I found it so interesting that as Jonah got closer to the street, Max left the dry carport to be next to him. Protector? I think maybe so???

After seeing Max out in the rain, I decided to have a little afternoon fun. I asked Jonah if he wanted to really splash around. He, of course, said yes! So, we went inside for his rain boots. While I was there, I grabbed Max's raincoat. Yes, our dog has a raincoat. No, he has never actually worn it for rain. Yes, we bought it before Jonah was born. No, he doesn't like it! Yes, it covers his eyes!

Jonah, being the neat freak that he is, wasn't too skilled at finding his own puddles. So, I had to point them out to him. Once he found a puddle full of water, he splashed and splashed. He jumped with all his might to see how high that water would "fly!"

While he jumped, Max walked around blindly in hopes of finding someone to remove the raincoat from his body. Every time I removed the hat from his eyes, I rolled around until it covered his eyes again.

I have missed afternoons at home with him this summer. I so enjoyed being with him during those couple of afternoons during the school year. Even nasty, rainy days turn in to fun days with this little kiddo!

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Jami Ainsworth said...

Looks like a fun day to play in the rain! But Max and that raincoat! WoW! NOw that made me laugh OUT LOUD for real...not just the expression.


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