Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Playtime with Eli

Manna and Eli came over last week for some play time with Jonah. (Max watched everything just to make sure they played nice!) I was pretty impressed that Jonah did not have a total meltdown every time Eli touched one of his toys. Now, that isn't to say that he was perfect. He is still a 2 year old who wants to be sure HIS toys remain HIS! But, he slowly warmed up to Eli playing with his things. I think he would have done much better had he not just woken up from a nap. He was very sleepy at first and that contributed to the whining.

You can tell by the look on his face that he was not in 100% Jonah mode. He was very mellow and somewhat shy. He kept whining and I kept assuring him that if the whining continued that he would end up on the "whiner's mat."

He got his musical instruments and tentatively showed them to Eli. He wasn't too keen on telling Eli the names of each instrument but with a little prodding did share them with Eli. Eli was so impressed that he tried to eat one!
Then, as Jonah began whining again, he walked to the "whiner's mat" and put himself there and said "I'm just gonna sit on the whiner's mat now!" Man, I love a kid that punishes himself! :-)

Amanda pulled out Eli's puffs and all of the sudden Jonah decided he liked them again. I know they are a baby snack but he still liked them until a few months ago. He refused to eat the ones we had. But, when he saw Eli eat them, he decided they were pretty good. He even fed them to Eli.

After Eli left, Jonah kept saying "I need them to come back so I can't whine!" I think he was saying that if they did come back that he wouldn't whine. At least that is what I HOPE he was saying!


Amanda said...

Jonah cracked me up when he put himself on the whiner's mat...reminded me a little of myself. We loved coming over to visit! Can't wait to do it again :)

Amanda said...

Oh, and thanks for helping a sista out with the picture thing :)


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