Monday, July 13, 2009

My NEW camera

See that cutie? He had the privilege of being the first photograph taken on my brand new Point & Shoot. Well, technically I was in the picture too, if you happen to notice my big head in the reflection of the window.

I have never had good luck with Extended Warranties. I always deny them when offered. But, a few years back, I read an article in Consumer Reports about those warranties. They suggested you never buy them unless it is for a digital camera or a big screen TV. So, two years ago when I purchased my camera, I forked over $50 for the extended warranty and accident protection.

I tried to take my camera back to Best Buy and use the warranty a few months ago with no luck. It had been really messing up but they would not do anything to it because it never messed up in front of them. So, I left bummed and promising to never buy another warranty. Well, a couple of weeks ago, my camera ended up fully submerged in water. So, off to Best Buy I went...again!

They looked at it and said it would have to be sent off. Then, about ten days later, I got a call from Best Buy saying to come pick out a new camera. Mine was beyond repair!! Whoo-hooo! For the first time in my life, I felt like I won at Best Buy. I always feel defeated when dealing with them. I had to stick with the same brand but got the most recent model. As best I can tell, that last camera took close to 20,000 pictures. Not bad, huh?


Doyl, Robin, Whitley, Anna said...

And y'all called me camera happy? I think some apologies are in order. :)

Jami Ainsworth said...

Good for you on getting a new camera. I really, really wished I had a simple point and shoot that I liked well enough to use all the time.

Penny said...

Surprise, Jonah's the first picture! LOL
Good for you getting another camera! =) I quit dealing with Best Buy when they started charging a restocking fee to return something!
I got my little Sony point and shoot at Wal-Mart marked down to $150. I love it because I can take those short little video clips to put on the blog. I don't have a video camera and my Rebel doesn't take videos.


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