Thursday, July 2, 2009

My boy!

You see that little boy? I LOVE HIM!!! He has brought me more joy in the last week than I have experienced in a long time! Now, please let me clarify. There has been nothing in my life to steal my joy but one day last week, this little guy woke up in a mood that radiated happiness and I just can't get enough of him. I find my self getting on his level and having conversations with him just to hear him giggle and to see those big brown eyes open as wide as possible. Seriously, I don't think my heart could handle much more.
Every time he prays, he says "Dear God, thank you for Mommy, Daddy and Max!" He then goes on to thank God for other people too but Max always makes the top three. He loves his dog. I've always heard things about "a boy and his dog." I totally get that. Jonah adores Max.

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