Saturday, July 18, 2009

Motorcycle Man (and woman!)

Jonah got a Helmet Hero set last Christmas. When he opened it on Christmas morning, he played with it for a few minutes then put it up. It seemed to be a little advanced for him. Last week, I came out of a bin because we did toy rotation. He picked it up and has played his little heart out with the thing. It is a helmet that makes sounds like you are actually on a police bike. The thing you hold in your hands is similar to a motorcycle. So, you pretend you are driving a police motorcycle.

After business meeting last week, he asked Sue to go home with her. He spent a couple of hours over there then she brought him home. Before she could leave, he made sure she played a motorcycle cop too!

She wouldn't give it back (ha!) so he moved on to his Little Einstein Rocket. And, interesting enough, that is another one of his three toys he got at Christmas that he wasn't interested in then but loves now. Another reason I LOVE the toy rotation. It always piques his interest in toys and they seem brand new!


Amber said...

too funny! I toy rotate too! Just took some stuff out of the box for the FIRST time that they got for Christmas and they were super happy!

Cristi said...

This is really funny to me because when Mark was little he wanted one of those so bad. I never saw one consequently he never got one. He still talks about it to this day that he never got one. Maybe he could borrow Jonahs some time. :)

Penny said...

Sue is reliving her childhood! Cute look! ;)

Anonymous said...

Jonah looks adorable...could I look any dorkier! Guess I'de do most anything for that boy. Zoo-zoo


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