Saturday, July 11, 2009

Marlee Kate's Birthday Party

Marlee Kate Lynch had her 3rd birthday party last Sunday night at the Beau Pre pool. We left our church picnic a little early so we could make it there. Jonah was so excited about seeing his friends from school. As different kids arrived, he would point to them, say their name and grin so big. He has really missed them!

John Walker did the same thing as he saw kids. As soon as he saw Jonah, he smiled and waved and kept saying his name.

Here is the birthday girl, Miss Marlee Kate. She and Jonah are the two youngest in their class. Since she has turned three, that only leaves one little boy to have a party. (2 weeks until the big day!!!)

Take a look at the next picture. Notice Jonah getting something from his toe? We were standing at the pool talking to "Docka Russ" and Jonah was digging between his toes. By this time, several people were watching him. He said, "I got a chip under my toe!" We told him to keep trying to get it out as we all watched. When he finally got it, he put it right in his mouth.
Jonah got tired really fast! He told us he wanted to go home and go night-night. So, we said our goodbyes to all of Jonah's friends and headed out. As you can see, Marlee Kate didn't want Jonah to go just yet.

It was fun to see Jonah with his school friends again. He has spent two years with many of those kids. I have loved watching them grow, learn and mature!

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