Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jonah's ACTUAL birthday

Holding tightly to the Grinch, with Bunny, Lammy and Tell Me nearby, Jonah slept very peacefully on the morning of his third birthday. I snuck in to take a picture of him and the flash did not even stir him. That was one tired boy!! He had no idea the fun that was ahead of him on his actual birthday. I left him alone to allow him to wake up on his own.

When he finally got up, I gave him his choice of anything he wanted for breakfast. He chose pancakes. As he was eating them, he decided he wanted eggs too. Dan told him he needed to finish his pancakes first but mommy caved (hey, it was his birthday!!!) and got the eggs out. Dan felt bad so he scrambled them.

Dan left later that morning for Centrikid with our 3rd-5th grade kids at church. Since Dan would be gone, I planned a special day for Jonah full of fun activities.
First stop was Chuck E. Cheese in Jackson. The two hour drive about did him in because he ready to be out of that car seat. When we drove up and I told him what we were doing there, he was GIDDY!
He got to pick what kind of pizza we had. He chose pepperoni and hamburger. But, as much as he loves pizza, he could hardly eat because of the excitement going on around him. I didn't force him to eat much so he could get up and play!
And, play he did! I think he touched every game and toy in that building. I followed him around with tokens (brown money as he called them!) and let him play to his heart's content!

I was extremely happy to run in to an old friend from college, Anne Albritton! She and I have kept in touch on Facebook, our blogs and email but we haven't seen each other in YEARS! It made my day to see her sweet face and her precious kids. She has been such a source of encouragement and prayer support over this past year. LOVE HER! I want to be like her when I grow up!

The next picture cracks me up! I laughed when I took it and then laughed again when I uploaded it. Jonah is turned around like he is backing that car up. Notice his hand on the wheel and then the other hand on the seat just like a grown up does when they back up in a car.
And, I'm pretty sure he was a little weirded out by Mr. Cheese! Check out that look!!

After a fun few hours with the mouse, we headed to Toys R Us for some birthday shopping. I told Jonah he could pick out any toy there and we would buy it for his birthday. Thankfully, he is still young enough that I knew I could steer him towards what I wanted for him all the while giving him the satisfaction of picking it out!

Since it was his birthday, he got to wear the birthday crown and carry a birthday balloon. The balloon made him happy, the crown did not. He refused to smile until I told him he could take the crown off if he smiled for just one picture. SUCCESS!

The very first thing he wanted to add to our buggy was a Star Wars Lego set for 8-14 year olds. Umm, I think not. Let's keep moving. Then he discovered the Thomas the Train table. OH. MY. WORD!!! We could have stayed their for hours. Honestly, it is two days later now but I think we could still be there. I'm thinking this might be a great Christmas gift. He loved it!

We worked our way through the entire store while filling the buggy with possible purchases. My plan was to let him put things in the cart then lay them all out for him to pick. He chose a Playdough set, some Color wonder packs, an Etch-a-Sketch, some books, hotwheels, tools and a Mickey Mouse clubhouse. As I was getting ready to lay them all out, he yells "THAT'S IT! THAT'S IT!" while pointing at something. I turn to see a $14.99 Dirt Devil vacuum. And folks, that is what we got. He could not have been more thrilled. (sorry, I missed the picture of him with it!)
On our way out the door, he wanted to ride Bob the Builder so we did. Seriously, this day was ALL about him! The poor guy was exhausted and asleep before we left the parking lot.
We left North Jackson and headed towards Clinton to have dinner with Dan at camp. It was killing him to miss being with Jonah on his birthday. That was the initial reason for the fun day in Jackson. The main goal was dinner with daddy! Since Dan was tied up until 5, we made a little pit stop at Parkway Baptist Church in Clinton. I was on staff there during college and still love those people. Many of them read Jonah's blog so they knew exactly who we were when we walked in. Lori shrieked when she saw us. Then, she pulled out the candy stash! Jonah met Jehu after that and discovered even more candy! I loved seeing my friends there and introducing them to Jonah.

We got to MC around 5 p.m. and Jonah was STARVING. On top of that, he missed his daddy! But, we got to see Alicia Nunn and that made him lots better. Alicia is a Centrikid staffer and he is quite fond of her. Her dad was our former pastor. They live outside of Birmingham now.
Daddy finally made his appearance and that made us very happy! We love him so much and miss him tons while he is gone.

Even the kids and adults from church made a big deal out of him and his birthday. The busload of boys all sang to him. It embarassed him greatly!

He had a long talk with Josh Hargon about where Marlie was. He wanted her to be there with her daddy since he was with his.
We got home around 8:00 p.m. and Jonah was sound asleep by 8:30 p.m. It was a long day for both of us but so much fun. I'm so glad I got to spend the whole day alone with him and give him all of my attention. It was perfect...minus Dan not being with us!


Penny said...

I'm willing to bet (no, I don't gamble) that your little boy loved having you all to himself as much as you did. =) Minus Dan, of course. What a sweet birthday celebration! I hope he's able to remember all of this. I still remember a few things from that age. I still remember my 4th birthday--- parts of it anyway. It was at the San Diego zoo and I remember the train ride and riding on the back one of the 100 year old tortoises. (We lived in CA for a couple of years when my dad was in the Navy.)

Barb said...

Sounds like a fabulous day! Jonah is such a special boy. Can't wait to actually meet him someday. :)

Audra said...

You are one incredible mom, Nicki! How FUN! I really haven't heard of anyone doing this with their kid before, but you make me wanna attempt this one day!

I love Jonah's words for stuff: brown money!

His smile with that Thomas set--priceless! A definite Christmas gift!

How in the world did you get him past all the $200 toys and to fall in love with a $15 vacuum cleaner! Bet you felt like you REALLY lucked out! And wasn't he scared of the vacuum not long ago?


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