Monday, September 12, 2011

Jonah loves MeMaw! MeMaw loves Jonah! Can't you tell?

***SO RANDOM, but when I published this post, it showed comments from 2009???  I have no idea what happened but I guess it published once and then got unpublished?  Who knows?***

Since I can't take any of the 400+ pictures off of my camera right now, I can't blog.  And, since I can't blog, I'm a little bored.  And, since I'm bored, I was looking through my blog folders and came across and unpublished blog from 7/7/09.  The title and pictures were there but no words.  I guess I just neglected to finish it.

These pictures sure made me smile tonight and made me think of such happy times with these two.  Yes, they DO love each other and always had so much fun together.  Makes me happy just thinking about it. 


Amanda said...

I think you could also say "MeMaw loves Jonah, MeMaw loves Jonah!" :) It's apparent these two love each other so much.

Jami Ainsworth said...

And I bet he loves LEG HUGS too...aren't they cool! The next best thing to face to face hugs. Natalie gives them so often that I am missing them this week.

Cristi said...

Ok I am still wondering how in the world Tim became Memaw!


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