Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dinner at The Duck's Nest

We went to dinner with Beppa at The Duck's Nest last Thursday. It had been quite a while since we have had a chance to visit with her. Jonah has really missed she and Cliff. But, his attention changed from her to the phones once we were seated.

Dan's phone has "Monsters INC." and my phone has "The Lion King" on it. He always struggles with the decision of which phone to play with. Well, Beppa's phone had fun games so it really threw him for a loop! Decisions, decisions!
The owners have birds in a cage near the register. One of the birds lets you touch him and scratch his head. Jonah was pretty impressed by that. Now he wants a bird. Great!


Penny said...

I thought I did good posting one post on each blog. Then I head over here and you burst my bubble. Man! =)
I think you should get Jonah a parrot! It's first sentence would be, "Take a picture, Mommy, okay?" LOL

Anonymous said...

That does it...a bird for his birthday it is! Great idea!


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