Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Crowded Bed

Jonah's little toddler bed is getting smaller and smaller! Lammy has been around since the beginning. A few months ago, he discovered bunny and added him to the mix. Then, Tell Me came on board with his big boy underwear. Well, The Welch family gave Jonah his very own Grinch and now he has joined the Mix.

You might think The Grinch is an odd birthday gift but that is only because you don't know the story. Every time Jonah steps foot in their door, he says "Let's watch the Grinch!" And they do...every time! It doesn't matter if he goes to B and MeMaw's house every day of the week or every few weeks, the Grinch DVD goes in and they all watch. So, it was such an appropriate gift that Jonah loved. He looked at it then said "B, IT'S THE GRINCH!!!!!!" It was precious!

1 comment:

Audra said...

How sweet! I still smile when I hear the name "Tell Me."


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