Monday, July 6, 2009


Yes, I do have a digital SLR camera that does work. It is such a hassle to deal with for the small events I would typically document. (ie, movie theater & mall) But, I did use it last night at Marlee Kate's birthday party. So, stay tuned for a few posts. You just probably won't see as many as you would if my point & shoot worked. (like Jonah spending the day with me at work!!!)


Barb said...

=) I understand completely. I was torn on whether or not to take my DSLR on my trip this weekend. It's hard to imagine leaving it behind, because I could get such good pics with it, but it's bulky, and my point and shoot takes pics that are almost as good (and sometimes better). Hope you get your point and shoot back soon!

Penny said...

Sorry, didn't mean to start "trouble." ;)

Aunt Debra said...

As long as I get "my fix", I don't care what you use. Sorry for the inconvenience though; but thanks a ton for going to the trouble. This little fellow is well worth it - don't ya think?


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