Friday, July 31, 2009

The celebration begins

My mom came in around lunch time on Friday so she could hang out with him some before the party. I think she has learned that his attention is way too divided on party day. So, she kept him that afternoon while Dan was at a funeral and I was at work. She could not wait to give him the gifts from her and Granny. That was fine by him. He loves opening gifts.

I told my mom a few weeks ago that Jonah would love a sleeping bag, I don't think he has ever seen one but I know the days are coming that one would come in handy. When he opened it, he GASPED! Then he said "WOW...I LOVE IT!" It was so sweet, sincere and over the top cute. Then, his expression changed and he said "WHAT IS IT?!" Once we opened it and explained what it was, he loved it.

Between my grandmother and mother, he was loaded down with CARS stuff. He really likes that movie so it was fine by him. He even slept in his sleeping bag the first few days until I hid it when he wasn't looking!

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