Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Candy Land with a cheater!

That sweet little face loves board games. His new favorite activity is to play a game. We have about four that we cycle through and he loves them all. He would play from morning until night if only we had the time. Last week, I made the time. I decided I would sit and play as long he wanted. Unfortunately, his "wanted" turned into HOURS!!!

The next picture makes me laugh. Notice the anger in his eyes? This picture was taken after he looked at me and said "No more PICKERS!" (that is pictures, by the way!) He then said "I want you to look at me and play this game. Put that camera down, okay" I guess he was tired of the constant flash.
But, since he didn't want his picture taken, I did have the opportunity to snap a couple of the forgotten child...MAX! Don't worry...I put the camera down then and focused all my attention on the little boy who didn't want any more pickers!

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