Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Afternoon Pool Fun

When I got home from work last Thursday, I told Jonah to grab his swimsuit so we could go to the pool. He LOVES the pool and is actually swimming under water already. We are so proud of his ability in the water. One of our favorite activities with him is swimming. He was so happy about going to swim that he ran as fast as he could to get his suit then off we went to go "swimmening."
When we got to Art & Vera's house, I discovered there were already people there swimming. I told Jonah and he cried. So, as to not disappoint a little boy, we headed right back to our house and filled up the plastic pool and started the slip and slide. That suited him just fine!

He played, and laughed, and jumped and slid, and giggled and shot water guns and then at one point looked at me and said "Mommy, are you having fun too?" Oh yes, little buddy! I was having just as much fun as he was.

What a cheeser!?!?! The kid has perfected the cheesy grin. I am always tempted to tell him to smile "normal" or "like a big boy" or "with wide open eyes" but I know I will look back one day and cherish these cheesy pictures because they so make up his personality now. And, just when I think I understand all of his expressions, he surprises me with this Rambo-like look! Give a boy a gun and look what you get!!
Poor Max! All he wanted was a little drink of water from that big ole water bowl! But, every time he got close, Jonah scared him half to death! I finally convinced Jonah to get some water in a cup for Max. He did it and then got upset when Max wouldn't drink from it.

I told Jonah it was ten minutes until bath time. He leaned right over to "washes" his hair so he wouldn't have to take a bath. If only I had shampoo outside with us!
While he played a little longer, I decided to play with the settings on my camera.

We had no tears or meltdowns getting out to the pool because we were joined by a little bumblebee that scared Jonah out of his mind. If only I could orchestrate a bumblebee to show up every time I needed him to leave an activity!!

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Penny said...

I LOVE the whiner's mat! Maybe I'll steal that idea for my kindergarteners. LOL
Stewart Mallory used to put himself in time out. Cristi Welch used to keep him and Darren Knapp when they were babies- toddlerhood. She'd find Stewart with his nose in the corner and he'd tell her, "I was being mean to Dawen." That still cracks me up! =)


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