Monday, June 8, 2009


I logged on to our blog the other night and immediately noticed the counter. It was 14 hits away from hitting 50,000! WOW! 50,000 hits since December of 2007. I went back to look at the All About Jonah site and discovered it has almost 42,000 hits. I'm beginning to think my little boy may be a little bit popular. (almost 100,000 hits counted but that doesn't even include the hits before I installed a counter!)

I continued the post I was working on and published it only to realize I was the 50,000th hit. I took a picture. I don't know why. I find myself thinking of the things that bring people back to this blog time and time again. Some people are bored at work and are just looking for something to pass the time. Some people have done random web searches and end up here. Some of you are family, some are friends and some are friends of friends. For some reason, you keep coming back. My guess is that most of you visit because of that cute little boy who seems to work himself into 98% of the posts on here.

When I was pregnant with Jonah, I always prayed that he would bring joy to the lives of people he met. I asked God to use his little life to glorify the name of Jesus. I prayed that God would teach us how to parent him and how to raise him to be Godly. I prayed that through his life, people would find joy and happiness because of being around him. And, you know what? I think God answered my prayer!!!

Thanks for visiting. Thanks for commenting. Thanks for loving this precious little boy! (and us!)

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Jennifer said...

That is so neat! I prayed similar prayers for Zach....I hoped that he would be loved by all! In fact I was given a book titled For This Child I Prayed! This book contains many prayers to pray for your child. I opened my heart and prayed them before he was even born. I am finding that God is still answering those prayers. Zach is also well loved by all!:)

Keep up the good work on your blog!:)


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