Thursday, June 11, 2009

Saturday at the Lake!

We spent last Saturday at the lake with a fun group of people. Jeff and Becky Ferguson were so sweet to open their lake house to our church staff and the Welch & Randall families. Jonah was so excited about going. The trip there seemed to take forever because Jonah constantly asked when we were going to the lake! We finally made it there and he was thrilled. He even carried our brownies inside. Then, he discovered Stephen holding their desserts so they stopped for a picture together.

I put my phone and camera down on the table then picked it back up to take a picture. It made me laugh! We all went to the lake to escape and relax but we sure brought our technology with us! (this was not all of the phones/cameras)
I wanted a picture of our family before getting in the boat but as you can see, Jonah's eyes were only on the boat. That is all he cared about!
We all took a leisurely ride around the lake in the big boat before anyone tubed or got on the knee board. Becky (aka "my miss becky" to Jonah) showed Jonah how to hold his hand out to feel the water.
Then, Stephen and Dan showed him how to do the "I'm the King of the World" from Titanic. It never fails, any boat I have ever been on, someone does that. I guess it will forever be Jonah from this point on.

After our leisurely ride, we went back to enjoy a wonderful fish lunch made by Papaw! The day could have ended there and we would have had a wonderful time. But, there was much more fun to be had.

The last picture makes me smile every time I see it. Jonah and MeMaw LOVE each other. The look on Jonah's face is there anytime MeMaw is around.

Dan and Jonah were the first to try out the tube. Jonah loved it. The kid has no fear. I'm pretty sure he would have done anything we allowed him to try out there. But, we took it slow and stuck to the tube on this first try.

Silly ole MeMaw acted like he was gonna throw Jonah in the lake but he was just kidding. Jonah did not find the humor in that.

Dan lost his hat at one point while on the tube. The big boat took off to see if we could spot it in the water. I saw it from a distance so we rode over to get it then Megan jumped in to rescue it. That is one of Dan's favorite hats so she was his hero.

Minus a busted eardrum for Stephen, we had a great day. It is always fun to spend the day with people you love while enjoying life. And, what better way to end a great day on the lake than with homemade ice cream???

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