Thursday, June 4, 2009

Our 10th Anniversary!

Dan & I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary on May 15. I know that isn't a huge surprise to you because I did posts about it. But, I never posted about the actual day. So, here goes!

I love to celebrate special occasions. Our anniversary is always fun for me think about ways to celebrate. It is very interesting that something usually comes up that interferes with those plans. It never really bothers me because our marriage is so wonderful that a "day" doesn't make or break it. I know of couples who have so much strife in their relationship that certain days on the calendar are all they ever celebrate. I am so blessed to celebrate our marriage every day of he year!

Because this was #10, I started planning way early. We wanted to do something big and special. I started making plans in April of 2008--13 months in advance of the big event. We looked at several things then finally settled on an incredible resort in the Virgin Islands. We have not been on vacation since May of 2008 so we were really looking forward to the time away.

In January of this year, I realized one huge obstacle. THE CHURCH RENOVATION!! We had not even considered how the project would affect our trip. All of the sudden, we realized there was no way we could get away. Dan could not be gone during the months leading up to completion and then could not be gone for a couple of months after we moved in because of working out all of technical difficulties. Since the occupancy date was set for May 17, we realized the celebration of 10th anniversary would happen in Vidalia rather than the Virgin Islands!

A few weeks before our anniversary, we were sitting in the living room talking about how bummed we were to miss the big trip when we came up with the idea of still trying to get away for a few nights. Dan called his dad to see what they had going on that Wednesday through Saturday. We were going to drive to Mobile after church that Wednesday night and then leave Jonah with them for a couple of nights while we went to the Marriott Grand Hotel. It was the perfect plan! UNTIL, I realized the next week that I could not miss work that week. I had two employees on vacation and as their supervisor, I was left to cover.

So, we were back to square one! The week before our anniversary, Dan called his mom to see if she could come for one night. We decided to make a quick trip to Monroe, LA for just one night away. Debbie could not be here until about 1:00 p.m. and I worked until noon. Dan picked Jonah up from school and this is what I saw as they walked towards the door.

His pants were completely unbuttoned and unzipped. I asked him what the problem was and he said he could not remember how that happened? Ummm...okay? Anyway...

We said our goodbyes to Jonah and left headed north towards Monroe. Dan's mom snapped this picture of us before we headed out.
We were driving along enjoying conversation with each other when Dan spotted the speed limit sign in Baskin. He said "whoa, I better slow way down!" He decreased his speed and we kept driving. Then, something in the mirror caught his eye...BLUE LIGHTS! YEP, we were being pulled over! UGH!!!

What was so frustrating was the fact that we were not intentionally speeding. If you travel that stretch of highway 15 from Sicily Island to Rayville then you know the speed traps that are there. It goes from 65 down to 25 very quickly in 3 or 4 of those little towns. We normally watch for it and pay very close attention. I guess we were just so caught up in conversation that we didn't even notice it. Like I said before, UGH!!!

This little event put quite the damper on the rest of our ride. Neither of us have any accidents of violations on our records. Now we do...well, one of us does! The worst part of the whole ticket is that poor Dan has preached many times about his conviction about speeding. He has talked very publicly about honoring God EVEN behind the wheel of your car. So much for that, huh?

After our ticket, I found something VERY interesting on Wikipedia. Apparently, "Baskin holds the dubious distinction of being the town in LA that derives the most revenue from traffic fines." I discovered that 84% of the towns revenue comes from those fines! JEEPERS! Check it out here!

We finally made it Monroe and ended up having a great time. It was wonderful to be away from all the busyness of life and celebrate what God has done in our lives through each other. I love my life and my sweet husband is so much a part of why I do!!!

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Sugar's Mommy said...

Yay!! Happy Anniversary again. Wish I had some of that cheesecake.


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