Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Last day of preschool

Remember these two sweet pictures from the first day of preschool back in September? Jonah and Julia marched right in like the owned the place. You can go back to the post of their first day by clicking HERE.

Well, a whole school year passed and these two buddies became close friends and learned a lot! Jonah adores Julia and treats her with kindness and gentleness. They are seven months apart and he definitely takes on the big brother role with her. The following pictures were taken on their last day of school. Jonah hugged her after he helped her get out of the car. Then, they walked hand-in-hand towards the building.

Jonah spotted a flower and knelt to pick it. I assumed it would be for me like it usually is. He never let go of Julia's hand but then turned and gave to Julia. GASP!!! Mommy was replaced by a girl!!!! I have a feeling I should get used to that over the next 20 years or so, huh?

Julia looks so pleased with her floral gift from Jonah. The next picture is so very sweet to me. Those two love each other so much. I'm glad to have had the availability to take her to and from school all year. She has been good for Jonah.

I was actually a little sad to see them walk down the hall to their classrooms for the last time this year. Not sad because it was over as much as sad because it is just another chapter that is closing in this little boy's life. Time has gone so fast since he was placed in my arms almost three years ago. I have loved the journey but sometimes wish it would SLOW DOWN!!!
His preschool always orders lunch from Dairy Queen on the last day of school. I was not the least bit surprised to arrive and find all of his ice cream and french fries gone. I had to convince him to finish the grilled cheese.

Before we left for the day, we took pictures with both of his teachers. We were so sad to tell Ms. Tan goodbye halfway through the year but happy to have Ms. Alisa and Ms. Shannon there with Jonah as the year ended.

We can not say enough good things about the program at Jefferson Street. Jonah has completed two full years there and has learned so much. We do work with him at home and have spent lots of time teaching him but I really believe the foundation he received there is invaluable!!! Just the other day we were stopped at a stop sign and he said "Hey, you see that Red Octagon that says S-T-O-P?" Yeah, we are pretty pleased with his education thus far!


Barb said...

Jonah giving Julia the flower is so precious!

Anonymous said...

What sweet pictures of Julia and Jonah. I can't believe he's almost three years old; SLOW DOWN is right but he has only gotten more precious to me during those three years!

Aunt Debra said...

The pictures of Julia and Jonah are so precious. They melt your heart. What a gentleman he is! You know, the joy that oozes out of this little man's eyes and smile makes me so happy every time I look at him!


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