Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Did you notice what was in the trash? The ragged, worn thing has been used numerous times a day for the last three years. Our little boy has had 90% of his diaper changes atop that pad. I finally threw it away! But, not because it was old and ragged. I tossed it because my little almost three year old is totally and completely potty trained! Yep folks, you read that right. After all my whining and lamenting of how I would have to change his diaper before he walked down the aisle at his high school graduation, he took me by total surprise and potty trained in just one day! YES, ONE DAY!!!
My mom has been begging to have Jonah spend the week with her. He has never been away from us more than a couple of nights and I was not overly thrilled with the idea. But, she makes such an effort to be involved in his life and it was only fair to allow her to have him on her turf. When I packed for him, I threw in underwear. I wanted her to see what misery I go through on a daily basis to get him to sit on the potty. He always throws such a fit that I forgo the potty and just change the diaper. Everyone said I would know when he was ready.

My mom called last Monday and said when he got up, she put big boy underwear on him and explained what he needed to do. She asked him several times if he needed to potty and he ONLY went when he had to go. He refused to go "try!" He had one accident last Monday because he did not make it to the potty in time. Since then, he has not had another accident and is even diaper free at night. WE. ARE. BLOWN. AWAY!!!! (YAY FOR MIMI)

Every time I talked to him last week, I told him how proud I was/am of him and that I would have lots of special surprises for him. So, I began to gather small things to take to Jackson with me went I went Friday. But, I wanted to really do something special for when he arrived home. In hopes of keeping him from regressing back to his old ways. So, I completely rearranged his room and then rid it of all things that dealt with diapers.
Woody and Buzz waited patiently in their corner for Jonah to return.
That night, we ran to Kmart to buy glow-in-the-dark stars and planets for his ceiling. I knew he had never seen anything like that and would be over the top impressed. Dan was so excited about getting those (totally his idea) and placing them over his bed.
While we worked to make his room just perfect, Max enjoyed a few quiet moments without a little boy named Jonah. I think he did miss Jonah but also really enjoyed the calmness around our house.

We put Jonah's bed where it faced his "Moon in My Room." That is one of the best $27 we have ever spent for that child. As most of our faithful blog readers know, our child is OBSESSED with the moon. He is convinced it is HIS MOON! This thing lights up and cycles through all the phases of the moon for 30 minutes each night when he goes to bed. He loves it!

We also bought 50 balloons and blew them up and put them all over his floor. We knew we would get in late in the evening on Saturday and could hardly wait to see his reaction when he opened his door.

I love Jonah's preschool class picture from this year. I know you can't see individual faces on the picture but if you click on it you can make it larger. You will then see most of the kids with grins and smiles. My child who is often described of one who "smiles with his whole face" and "lights up the room with his constant smile" looks like he is a death row inmate. Yes, he has a scowl on his face. It totally cracks me up because this is SOOO not his personality. I have no idea what had him so pensive but I laugh every time I look at it. What a memory!
I spent some time making "PT BAGS" before we left town Thursday night. I wanted to have 4-5 big ziploc bags with an extra change of clothes, underwear and a Ziploc of wipes to keep in the car just in case Jonah had any accidents. Those were made 6 days ago and we haven't used one yet!!! YAY!
And here it is...the dresser! We used to call this his changing table because for the last 3 years, it has had a pad covered in red terry cloth that has been the spot for changing his diaper numerous times a day. I replaced the pad with fun stuff on his dresser. It is even more of a reminder of how fast three years have passed!!
Cliff and Beppa bought a sign for Jonah's room a while back. I just realized I never posted a picture of it. He looks at us and always asks what his "moon board" says. I tell him what it says every time and he says "Cliff and Beppa gave me that and they love me and my moon!" I'm not sure if they love his moon but they sure do love him!!!
My little boy is growing up. Diapers are a thing of the past now and hopefully after this week of swim lessons, we can add "swimmer" to his list of accomplishments. While so much seems to be changing SO fast, I'm awfully grateful for the opportunity God gave us to parent this little boy he has loaned us. It is the most fun I have EVER had! His third birthday is less than two months away and party plans are in full swing. It is gonna be hard to top Mickey last year but I think I have something up my sleeve that will do just that! YAY!


Jami Ainsworth said...

Congratulations on the accomplishment again! I am wiping tears away as I finished reading it, but I laugh as I read the statement about topping Micky Mouse. Brittany asked the other day what was Jonah's theme. I told her that I am sure you would have something cool and impressive. Like how cool were those Disney ticket last year for invitations.

You do know after a while you're gonna run a little short on ideas to top the last one. LOL

Could you email or fb me the name of the girl for swimming lesson? I would like to see if she would be available for the end of the month when Natalie will be do dance camp.

winstead family said...

i am always in constant awe of you and your husband and yall's love for jonah. you go to the ends of the earth to make him happy and to show him how much fun life really is. you inspire me to be a better mother, really. thanks for sharing this sweet story!

Penny said...

Congrats! My youngest had a blood disorder from 16 mos. to 3 1/2 yrs. complete with hospitalizations and IV poles. I was dreading trying to train her because I kept thinking I'd have to drag poles in the bathroom and try to keep panties washed. I also substituted for the schools back then and decided to wait for summer to potty train her. Cristi Welch babysat her when I subbed and I came to pick her up one day and she told me that Shelbi was trained. Also in ONE day! She was one month shy of 3 years old. Now, that's a good friend! Cristi was training her Josh and another child and simply asked Shelbi if she wanted to use the potty and get some candy, too. Well, that was it for my little candyholic. I don't think she even had one accident after that! =)

Avery's Mommy said...


Katie (and Tony) said...

I can totally hear your voice in my head as I read those words. Way to go Mimi!!! Does she do potty camp? Although Jack was also done in one day, I think Grace may be a bit different. Tell Mimi we want to hear her secrets!!! And do you have any pics of Jonah with his balloons, stars, moon, etc?

Barb said...

Way to go Jonah (and Mimi)! But no pics of his reaction when he saw all those balloons? I'm shocked! :)

Beppa said...

Awww, there's the sign! I think about Jonah when we are in Houston and looking out the window at "his moon" - makes me feel closer to home! He's right - we do love him, and his moon! :)


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